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 Forum Punishments and rules:

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PostSubject: Forum Punishments and rules:   Mon May 18, 2009 1:27 pm

spamming: deleted posts
swearing: deleted posts and if a sever swearword, a 1 day ban
Flaming: content deleted
disrespect: 1 day ban
inappropiate content/ links: 2 day ban
password asking: 1 day ban
porno, hacking: account deleted
rude/mean behavior: content deleted
bumping old threads: your post only deleted
Double posting: one of them deleted

power abuse: 1 day ban
deleting accounts unfairly: loss of power
all of the above in non-mod stuff

if you have any problems with this, contact me

1. You can be a noob, but don't act like one.
2. Treat people like you would on roblox.
3. No swearing.
4. As on roblox, this isn't AIM, use English.
5. No links to outside sites other than on this site or
6. Links to adult materials or things found inappropriate, will be removed, and so will you.
7. Don't act oblivious to this thread, it's here, and it's the rules.
8. Some rules may still be enforced even if they're not on here.
MODS: If your going to lock a post, or delete it, DO NOT first post on it saying you are going to, because that is considered spam.
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Forum Punishments and rules:
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